Saturday 15 November 2014

Raspberries, Raptors and Really Cold Mornings

We have reached a milestone in everybodies allotment year...
The clock's have gone back, nights drawing in and the long lazy evenings gently tending the plot are coming to an end. Our allotment now loses it's sunlight by around half past four, meaning a dry weekend become more precious than ever...

This weekend dawned cold but bright, mist covering the allotments as the early sun crept over the trees. Making the most of the break in the weather I got on with one job that has been on my 'To Do' list since we first took over the plot.

The raspberries that were being choked by weeds, (Rasberry Squash), have been propped up with runner bean canes for the last couple of months and desperately in need of a little love and attention.

First we pruned off all of the old woody stems, leaving just this years growth, then transplanted what was left into a more manageable layout.The next task was to construct a wooden frame around the fruit. The uprights were erected using metal post holders for strength and protection from the damp soil, whilst the cross beams being held in place with old shelf brackets.The next job will be to install crosswires to support the fruit and cover the frame in netting,

...and Finally... One of the great things about having a green oasis amidst the town, homes and traffic is the variety of wildlife that gravitates to it.
The latest visitor to our plot is a male buzzard. Local residents have seen him around for the last couple of years, but my fellow allotment holders report that he has taken quite a liking to our new shed.

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