Sunday 19 October 2014

Rest, Rainwater and Rubbish Removals

October started calm and clear, allowing me to clear the rest of the plot and start the process of putting it to bed for the winter. Final weeding was completed early in the month, followed by a gentle dig to turn over the topsoil, before raking everything level once more.

With near monsoon rains forecast, and the plot liable to flooding in such conditions, I covered the whole area with thick black matting to protect the soil and remove light & water from the weeds below.

The rains arrived as forecast, almost a week without any relief from the deluge, but finally the sun returned to reveal little damage to the allotment. The plastic matting did it job well, allowing us to get on with a few jobs that needed doing while we had some nice autumn weather.

One job on the list was to cover the compost mound at the end of the plot and prepare it for planting in the Spring. Imagine our suprise when we visited the plot, only to find that our initial request for clearance had now been carried out, three months after the request and weeks after we gave up asking...

The compost mound, along with all the wood i had put in place, had completely vanished...
It transpires that Mike Gotobed (Poole Borough Council) visited the site for his monthly inspection, along with Angie Mason (Allotment Administrator for Continental Landscapes). They noted that our request to remove the weeds from the intial clearing of the plot had not been completed and had everything removed.

The final job for October was to ensure the rainwater collection system was up and running before winter.
For this task I had my daughter Penny along for support, and to record the day with her own style of photography...

After putting up guttering along both front and back of the shed, I installed the downpipe into the water butt that we have on the plot to collect the rain that falls onto relativley small shed roof area.
Within 24 hours of completion, the rains returned and in less than two days the water butt was already full...

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