Sunday 20 July 2014

Raspberry Squash...

With the plot now free of its tallest weeds and longest grass, the hard work of battling the shorter, tougher and more invasive stuff began.

But first... I wanted to get something in the ground to justify having the allotment whilst the long term hard work continued, so I cleared a small area at the bottom of the plot, rescuing the raspberries from being strangled by bindweed and tudying up in front of the fence and decking.

At home I had recenrtly built a raised planter to provide a small range of fruit and vegetables. we had three different tomatoes (Moneymaker, Roma and Golden Sunrise), beetroot, carrots, lettuce and strawberries.
On a whim we had also planted a small packet of butternut squash seeds into tubs, all of which greminated and quickly spread out across the patio.
I realised that the squash were quickly outgrowing their tubs and so decided to try and transplant them into the allotment.

I have no idea what the neighbours thought seeing me transporting six squash plants in two big tubs, strapped together by their handles, hanging either side of the saddle on my old bicycle like some old peddlar taking his wares to market. My two girls were giggling all the way as we coaxed our precious load along the five minute walk to the pot.

The first 48hours were tough for the squash with temperatures soaring and constant watering needed, but a couple of cooler days and nightly watering saw them perk up nicely.

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