Saturday 26 July 2014

Hi Hoe, Here We Go...

Once we had cleared the initial section and planted out the squash from home, the only job on the horizon was to clear the rest of the plot, more than 50m² of unwanted plants...

Raspberries, Squash and Lots of Weeds
I decided that each visit to the allotment would have two jobs to be completed, adding a little variety to the routine of weeding, hoeing and cutting back the grass.

Splitting the plot into three sections, the aim for the next visits would be to clear one section per visit, along with a smaller secondary task., which for this visit was to identify the edges of the plot and begin to re-establish the boundary paths.

The First Third of the Plot Cleared of Weeds
 The hoeing went well, quickly clearing the designated section for the day, revealing a bed of deep, dark, rich soil. My new neighbours; Mike to the right and Becky / Liz to the left, informed me that during the worst winter weather, some of the plots at our end of the Allotments are prone to flooding and this year has been worse than ever before. It transpires that the entire site is less than six feet above the Holes Bay water table, meaning that our section of the site needs a lot less watering and has the best soild of the entire area.

Redefining the edge of the Plot

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