Saturday 21 February 2015

Sowing Seeds and Spring Sunshine

February saw warm sunshine and clear skies, with many of the allotment holders getting back onto their plots in earnest for the first time this year.

The rhubarb tunnel has done its work, with the first crop picked before the end of the month, and the first dig of the plot completed...
 The Rhubarb is looking good, planters filled with topsoil for planting, and foxes digging once again.

My little helpers have been busy on the allotment this Spring, mostly handing me tools and nails/screws as I need them. On the cooler days, Serena insists we have a flask of hot tea with us and seems to spend half of her time sitting in the shed, giving directions and sipping her brew...

The new little greenhouse has been erected in a wind free location alongside the shed, benefitting from long hours of sunshine we hope to nurture the early seedlings through the last cold nights before raising peppers and chillis in it through the heat of the summer months...

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