Sunday 31 August 2014

Decking, Fencing and Sheds...

This week saw the heavweight work begin, making sure the infrastructure of the allotment is repaired, renewed and constructed.
Old decking with missing boards...                                               New boards in place and painted
The decking at the end of the plot was looking in a sorry state with several boards missing and weeds growing through the remainder. Spraying the weeds soon killed them off, then they were cleared out and weed supressant matting layed beneath the whole decking area.
New boards were installed to fill the gaps and a couple of coats of 'Somerset Green' paint made everything look much better, ready for the major construction to begin.
The shed arrives in kit form...                                      First stage of construction..
The new shed arrives and is soon laid out on pallets ready for construction. One end is painted in advance, due to its proximity to the existing fence and the initial stage of instalation begins.
The base is screwed to the decking and sides erected, before adding the end sections and roof panels.

The roof panels are in place...                                                                Roof felt and doors on...
Once the main woodwork is complete, the roofing felt is added; I used both felt adhesive and felt tacks just to be on the safe side. Finally the doors are hung, with the bolts, locks and braces all added to make everything secure.

Construction complete, 41b sign added...                                  Finished and ready to move in

A coat of paint all round and homemade 41b sign transforms the shed from bare wood to a 'Rich Berry' heaven.

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