Saturday 28 March 2015

Constructing My New Composters

One of the bigger jobs planned for this Spring is the construction of a multi-composter.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a dozen unwanted pallets, two of which were double size, and began the build one sunny morning towards the end of March.

Step 1: Creating the main frame of the composter, using one of the double sized pallets for the back, using standard pallets for the end and interior walls, screwing them into place through the back.

Step 2: Mounting the second double sized pallet into place for the top, screwing it down into the top struts of the end and interior walls.

Step 3: Stripping a couple of pallets back to its component parts, use the slats to clad the back.

Step 4: Covering the roof with a black plastic liner will provide basic waterproofing. We then used more of the pallet slats to secure the liner and frame the roof.

Step 5: We lined the middle section with black plastic to create a leaf mulching bin.

Step 6: Covering the roof with wooden slats, overlapping them slightly to allow rain to run off, has completed the initial build programme.

Step 7: Paint the composter with your chosen colour, mine was Cuprinol 'Rich Berry'

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